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ㆍMail :   master@solarflex.co.kr

Corporate Identity

- SolarFLEX : Solar of Solar cell, FELX of Flexible
- RGB color means typical color of Solar light (Red, Green, Blue).
- RGB wave means Flexible.
- RGB Color width ( from narrow to wide ) means mass production ( using Roll-To-Roll process ) and ambition of SolarFLEX to World global no.1
- At last SolarFLEX`s Final Goal “ Development for Human ” is located under the logo.
( Leaving a good source of energy just to posterity, by supplying electricity too cheap energy into electricity which can be easily marginalized all, what is good for people that let the spirit )

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SolarFLEX / Business Numer: 312-86-57996 / TEL : +82-41-531-5024, FAX : +82-41-531-5025
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