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Flexible CIGS thin-film solar cell is?

- CIGS is a technology for producing a solar cell using the four compounds. (Cu (copper), In (indium), Ga (gallium), Se (selenium))
- The manufacture of solar cells on stainless steel substrate. (Flexible functionality implemented)
- A differentiated technology with A crystalline solar cells .
(Cheap and manufacturing cost of the flexible, secure a lightness function)
- In the power generation receives less environmental impact than for crystalline solar cells
(Crystalline 200Watt = CIGS 120Watt same output - 4 season test generation)
- Mass production system available in Roll-to-Roll Technology (Ensuring competitiveness)
- Possible economic effects with low investment and minimal workforce.
- Development and leisure, and other rooftop with a wide range of applicability of solar cells
- Even on a cloudy day has a well-generated properties, good thermal output change compared to crystalline.
-> Surface temperature of 80 degrees based on crystalline: 25-30% decrease in efficiency occurs, CIGS thin film solar cells generate a 10% reduction in power generation efficiency within
-> Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell 3.5hour ~ 3.8hour generated, CIGS thin-film solar cells 5.0 hour ~ 5.5hour generated)




Flexible CIGS thin film solar cell production plant (30MW Scale)

- Located in General Industrial Complex ( In Cheon-an City )
- Flexible CIGS thin film solar cells to build the nation's largest (2014 ~ 2015)
- Land Area: 16,528.9m2, construction area: 7,603.3m2




Flexible CIGS thin film solar cell manufacturing technology

- Domestic production of flexible CIGS thin film solar cells for manufacturing facility
- Flexible CIGS thin film solar cell manufacturing technology: pure localization
- Domestic professional workforce and flexible CIGS thin film CIGS solar cell technology engineers ensure domestic
- A global engineering and technology exchange
- Korea's first production line setup experience and the experience of 25MW class




FFlexible CIGS thin film solar cell differentiation

1. 2nd Generation thin film solarcell

※ flexible CIGS thin film solar cells is the second-generation thin-film solar cell using a complex compound.

※ second-generation thin-film solar cells, a decrease in efficiency is more stable than the conventional crystalline silicon solar cell, receives less disturbance environmental impact than conventional solar cell.

  • In the case of crystalline silicon, very and regions, in the desert, but not in a normal operation, CIGS thin-film solar cells, stable development is done.
  • In the case of Japan, spring, summer, autumn, and I see the difference between the amount of power generation depending winter seasons enemy, when compared to the year the amount of power generation with a conventional crystal, CIGS thin-film solar cells, OR recommends many power generation amount you. (Crystalline silicon solar cells 200Watt = is good if think that the CIGS thin film solar cells 120Watt same output. -4 During the test of the season of the amount of power generation)
    • In Cloudy, CIGS solar cell more generate power than silicon solar cells




2. Flexible solarcell
※ Building Integrated Design can be installed. ( Flexible )




3. Lightweight

※ In module, flexible CIGS thin film solar cells are weight than conventional crystalline silicon solar cells and Glass types.(6 times~8 times) (Conventional solar approximately 18kg ~ 24kg, flexible thin-film solar cells cigs: 3kg ~ 4kg)

※ lightweight and flexible the great benefits can be applied to a rooftop and power generation systems, RPS will work in most weight in the business of the roof. (To take advantage of lighter products for the installation of thin-film solar cells in a variety of conventional crystalline and glass type of roof can not be installed.)




4. Inexpensive Solar Cell Manufacturing Technology

Solar cell of the present time, it is important to secure cost competitiveness. Our technology is more affordable than traditional solar cell manufacturing technology capable of crystalline silicon solar cells.

Cheap solar cell manufacturing is possible reasons:

  • Inexpensive substrate material utilization (stainless steel)
  • Mass production possible Roll-to-Roll technology (existing robots and conveyor logistics can be a continuous process, not moving)
  • 0.7 times less than the logistics transfer method through a continuous process of material consumption
  • Due to the simple task of logistics transfer reduction of fixed costs (reduced fixed labor)
  • Footprint reduction and CAPEX reduction in equipment cost savings




5. Unbreakable solar
The car does not break jinagado. Solar cells are also cut with scissors to the action. Existing solar cells are absolutely impossible




6. Solar cells can be produced in various forms is

We can be produced in various design forms the basis of the user's requirements. The above neip clover and heart, blinds form or tile-like form is available.




7. Diverse applicability of solar cells

Flexible CIGS thin film solar cells are not broken even golf balls and can be applied to "golf cars", unbreakable and easy to blinds production, manufacturing and leisure is possible to take advantage of a variety of charging modules for culture. You can also go to lead the project because of the high value-added modules can be produced by the Pentagon.

It is also possible to obtain a wide range of applicability of red-eye in the freezer vehicles in Europe.




8. Global technology (global competitors are seven companies only)
Country Company Product type Type Manufacture
USA Global Solar CIGS Stainless steel Co-Evaporation
Miasole CIGS Stainless steel Sputtering
Nuvosun CIGS Stainless steel Sputtering
HelioVolt CIGS Glass/Metal Sputtering
Ascent Solar CIGS Polyimide Co-Evaporation
Nanosolar CIGS Al Printing &
Rapid thermal process
SoloPower CIGS Polyimide /
Stainless steel
Germany Solarion GmbH CIGS Polyimide Co-Evaporation
Swiss Filsom CIGS Polyimide Co-Evaporation

The company, which manufactures flexible CIGS thin film solar cells in the world is not a few. That is, so that can have a stable business opportunity when securing competitiveness. Also, if you gain the skills beyond the top of the company can be set to "1, including companies in the world in".




9. Easy to install solar
The ease of installation than conventional solar cells, the installation cost is cheaper.
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