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Power Generation (RPS rooftop power generation system business)

- The roof is applied to lease power system / 2015 compared to the emissions ganghwagwon.
- We will soon to raise the information related to the product application.




- Building Integrated: You can be developed and applied so as to take advantage of the building exterior.
- Apartments for self-generation system applies: Apartment leverage porch to implement mini module generators and portable power system that can substitute for a sash of the veranda where you can self-development plan to promote user-friendliness.
- Lightweight and unbreakable take full advantage of the benefits available to be used in a variety of energy can not be utilized by the crystalline silicon.

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Leisure and compact charging system

has been the development of the camping culture. The solar modules do with camping culture. One hot summer day, any time swiwon wind fans and always be used as a source of energy that can be charged.

- In the case of international public uses this always-enable "module for portable charging". We are going to go make a future opportunity to interact with each other, such as the XX-Mart discount stores abroad.



Charging systems for defense

- Army that require rapid movement is not free from the energy source. A module developed for solar charging for use when needed urgently enhance energy independence can in turn, benefits the revolutionary army.



Greenhouses applicable models

- Leveraging the advantages of the product, and the light can do the PV in greenhouses, here to take advantage of the advanced electric light the LED light source can be a pest-free plant cultivation.

- Phosphate farming can also be used as a light-shielding film form. For HR farming can be profitable as long as you do not spend a few years to develop the land.

- But the house of a heat source for air conditioning controls the temperature inside the existing boiler that uses fuel alcohol, in order to promote stability in the oil price fluctuations corresponding management has recently introduced the electric heart pump being promoted. When electric is a sophisticated catalyst material of the electric supply in the ability to control the temperature. The solar light integrated development model can therefore.



Street light project

- Can be produced in various forms and street lights, street lamps development is possible. Please anatomy applied to be an existing lamppost and differentiation.



Cars and refrigeration container application

- By applying the sunroof of a car in summer and keeps a healthy environment through the heating in winter and pleasant environment section Small vehicle when parking and air conditioning. (Hwipseong this is possible only apply good solar)

- If the solar cell by applying a refrigeration vehicle to the upper container can be applied to the box to move the meat through the PV. (Highway driving stones or debris due to the existing crystalline silicon solar cells are only broken, flexible solar cells are ideal for freezing containers have the advantage of making unbreakable.



Apply for development award

- Can be installed easily into existing solar power to be won and differentiation. Look no facilities to easily configure fixture is on top of the existing barge. (Please take full advantage of CIGS solar cells)

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